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Spanish Fly Pro is #1 Aphrodisiac on the Market

Scientists have created a stronger aphrodisiac than the original Spanish Fly.

Berlin, University of Pharmacy – The scientific team at the Berlin pharmacy school have made an extraordinary discovery, which is being monitored by the whole scientific world with bated breath.

This scientific team has successfully created a substance that is able to boost libido and sex drive almost immediately and with a 100% herbal base. This substance works at any age and in any situation.

For the first time in the history of the world there is a substance that is more powerful that the original Spanish Fly, but is 100% legal and safe to use.

Berlin, University of Pharmacy
Berlin, University of Pharmacy

7 (seven) aphrodisiacs in one bottle

The scientists from the Berlin pharmacy university were helped most by the new technology, which allowed them to connect up to seven unique aphrodisiacs into a liquid substance. Thanks to this new technology, this substance is very strong and works on a large percentage of users.

Lead researcher professor Dr. Robert Mayer explains further:

Proffesor Dr. Mayer
Proffesor Dr. Mayer

The biggest problem with libido boosters and libido enhancer products that are now on the market is that they contain only one aphrodisiac at most. On each person, each aphrodisiac works differently.

To understand this, to one person the Maca aphrodisiac works as the strongest, but on someone else the aphrodisiac may have no effect at all, and on this person will work, for example, Damiana or Guarana aphrodisiacs. This is a problem with the products which we can find on the market these days. If they contain only one or two aphrodisiacs, the chances that they will be just right for you are really small.

And this is exactly what we successfully solved. We took the seven strongest and most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world, and thanks to the new technology, we combined them together into one product.

These aphrodisiacs should work for more than 99.8% of the population. I don’t say that all seven aphrodisiacs will work on you. That is impossible, but it is sufficient that at least one aphrodisiac will work on you and the effects will occur.

This is the reason why our product is unique and super strong.

Dr. Robert Mayer

Finally, an over-the counter product

Due to its composition, Spanish Fly Pro is in the category of dietary supplements and not in the category of drugs. Thanks to this Spanish Fly Pro is free for sale on the Internet and in local pharmacies without a prescription.

Over the counter availability
Over the counter availability

According to the information from scientists, Spanish Fly Pro works for everyone, regardless of age or even gender – libido and sex drive will be increased equally in both men and women. Scientists promise success in 99.8% of cases after the application.

Tests were accomplished

Qualified product testing of Spanish Fly Pro
Qualified product testing of Spanish Fly Pro.

Before the team of scientists at the University of Berlin could finally publish the results, at first they had to undertake qualified product testing and get information about its efficiency.

Exactly 60 pairs were selected, who in the past had had problems with love affairs, particularly because of low libido, painful sex, or just because of disinterest in sex in general. These people were provided with a product – Spanish Fly Pro.

After using Spanish Fly Pro, they had to fill in an anonymous questionnaire about how satisfied they were with the results. Of these 60 pairs, all 60 of them confirmed that they experienced significant changes in their libido and appetite for sex, and 59 of them decided that they definitely wanted to buy this product immediately right after it was put up for sale on the market.


Here are some references from anonymous questionnaires after trying the product:

“My girlfriend and I have been together for more than three years, and our sex life was recently pretty bad because she always felt pain during intercourse. We tried various products, but nothing worked for us, so we decided to apply for this experiment. We got a bottle of Spanish Fly Pro and tried it exactly as described in the tutorial, and we can definitely confirm the positive results. With Spanish Fly Pro my girlfriend had a huge boost in sex drive by herself. She suggested having sex, and during intercourse she did not complain about pain or any other problems at all. “

“For a long time I suffered from vaginal dryness. It is a problem that is really difficult to deal with. Always before any sexual act, I would have to use lubrication gel, which is very impractical and lengthy, and I always have to remember to have some lubrication gel with me. So, that’s the reason why I signed up to a test group for Spanish Fly Pro. After testing it I can say that each time in about 30 minutes after use of Spanish Fly Pro, I felt natural lubrication in the vagina. The sex with Spanish Fly Pro was much more enjoyable than with using commercial lubrication gels.”

“My husband and I have been together for more than 16 years, and after our last child our sexual life practically ended. We signed up to this group because we really wanted to try everything, just to avoid an almost inevitable divorce and the end of our life together. We tried Spanish Fly Pro many times and always had positive results. We both used five drops of Spanish Fly Pro. We felt an increased appetite for sexual intercourse. We had fantasies about sex, and the sexual act itself was much more enjoyable for us. That’s why we can recommend Spanish Fly Pro.”

These are just some of the reviews of a total of 60 provided by participants. As you can see, the results of Spanish Fly Pro are truly impressive.

Hey, Viagra, there’s a new drug in town!

The worldwide product market for sexual health and intimate life has been changed by the arrival of a new dietary supplement, Spanish Fly Pro.

This product is changing the entire market, not only in the U.S. but worldwide, and it’s becoming the absolute number one in the segment of aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers.

Viagra is still first

Sildenafil, sold as Viagra.
Sildenafil, sold as Viagra.

When it comes to all the drugs and dietary supplements for sexual life, stamina, and health, Viagra is number one worldwide, but Spanish Fly Pro has been on the market for just a few years and has already overtaken almost all other products.

The main reason for this is the fact that Spanish Fly Pro works in practically 100% of cases. It works for both men and women of any age and is not limited to a medical prescription.

Viagra works differently

While the male effect of Viagra is to provide a better and longer erection for men, Spanish Fly Pro belongs to the category of aphrodisiacs.

It is therefore a product where, after its use, one should feel an increased desire for sex. One should have stronger libido, fantasies about sex, and the actual sexual act should be more pleasant and much more intense.

More than 380 similar products to Spanish Fly Pro are on the U.S. market. Some products have been on the market for more than 25 years, but Spanish Fly Pro is already number one between them and has already overtaken them all.

This is because Spanish Fly Pro connects seven different aphrodisiacs, which give it a strength that competitors simply don’t have.

The opinions of the real users of Spanish Fly Pro speak for themselves.


Competition is trying to sue new product

Fifteen biggest companies, which manufacture and sell aphrodisiacs in the whole world, joined together to one big international action against the Swiss manufacturer of nutrition supplement Spanish Fly Pro.

This product was created only few years ago, but practically overnight became the most popular aphrodisiac and libido enhancer in the world – mainly due to its effectiveness and strength.

A group of a lawyers about the competing products joined their forces together to prevent the sales of Spanish Fly Pro through the courts, because they cannot compete to this product in any other way.

The difference is in the technology and composition

Competitors products
Competitors products

The main difference between Spanish Fly Pro and other products which are available on the market – as for example Germany Sex Drops, Spanish Gold Fly and other, is in the composition and technology used during production.

The classics products, which are on the market for more than 10 years contain only one aphrodisiac inserted into tablet, gel or drops, but Spanish Fly Pro works differently. In Spanish Fly Pro you can find mixture of 7 different and the most powerful aphrodisiac in simple liquid which can works immediately.

It’s not necessary to use Spanish Fly Pro every day and for long term, Spanish Fly Pro works within 10 minutes, on demand.

Another of its advantages, compared to competitors, are long term positive effect during regular use, this is also one of the aspects, to whom competitors cannot compete.

The court seems hopeless

This group of the biggest manufacturers has already lost the first court hearing, it was the international court in Hamburg, which called this action as devoid of purpose and urged the competition to improve their technological process and their products themselves.

The lawyer of the Swiss company Spanish Fly Pro commented the victory at the court with these words:

“This victory was matter of course and we will win also their appeal, because these manufacturers cannot accept, that their position on the market, which was stable for more than 15 years, is suddenly weakened by market entry of the new player, who is simply better than they.

We can compare Spanish Fly Pro to a car at a time of horses. The competitors are not happy, that their horses cannot compete to our car. Our recipe is secret and our mixture of different ingredients is patented, so the competition has to come up with their own process of manufacturing a product, which is really difficult. The development of Spanish Fly Pro took more than 8 years and its effects are proven by clinical studies. That’s one of the reasons why the competitors know, that Spanish Fly Pro is more powerful and better successor than their product.

They faced a serious problem – to start working on a new product, which will be competitive, or close the business, or try to sue us. But as you can see now, today we are here and we are ready to win the other court case”.

Where to buy it

Spanish Fly Pro is currently available and it’s absolutely legal for purchase in the U.S. and worldwide. It is fully tested and meets all the requirements set out by the U.S. FDA.

It is still possible to purchase it over the Internet or through various retailers in your local pharmacy.

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