Spanish Fly Pro is an all-natural, non-prescription dietary supplement that helps to enhance sexual arousal, sex drive and orgasms in women and men.

  • ✔ Easy To Use & Super-Fast Acting
  • ✔ #1 Libido Enhancer 5 Years Straight
  • ✔ 60-day Money-Back Policy

Spanish Fly Pro is designed for women, men and couples who are experiencing a loss of libido and who are trying to bring back interest and excitement into their sex lives.

  • ✔ Enjoy quicker full body arousal
  • ✔ Increase your appetite for sex (and maybe even fantasies and anticipation...)
  • ✔ Ladies - Spanish Fly Pro also increases your natural vaginal lubrication

Spanish Fly Pro is a stringently tested product that meets all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. It is completely safe to use, even on a daily basis, with NO negative side-effects!


Mix 5 drops of Spanish Fly Pro with any beverage. Just avoid hot drinks, such as coffee or tea.

10 min.of waiting

Drink the beverage and wait at least 10 minutes for all the ingredients to take effect.


Your sexual enhancement and sex drive  will be increased.


Currently, there is NO other product on the entire market that compares to Spanish Fly Pro. This is mostly thanks to its easy, on-demand use and outstanding results, making Spanish Fly Pro the worldwide, best-selling sexual enhancement product for men and women!

On-Demand Use

You don't have to use it daily and wait weeks to see some progress. Use it when you need it, on demand and discreetly. 5 drops are truly all you need.

No Doctor’s Prescription

You don't have to see your doctor and talk with him about your problems. It's a discreet matter and it is only between your partner and you. We understand.

No Side-Effects

Spanish Fly Pro is a stringently tested product that we’ve sold for over 4 years, with no negative side effects. The product is safe for everyone.


Be spontaneous! Spanish Fly Pro needs as little as 10 minutes to take effect and wake up the wild, sexual beast inside you and your lover.

For Both Women and Men

Men and women face libido loss. Spanish Fly Pro helps both - the same dose, the same incredible results.

Discreet Worldwide Shipping

We believe that everybody (and we mean EVERYBODY - that is why we ship worldwide) has the right to enjoy sex – discreetly. You don't need to worry about your privacy - all orders are packed discreetly in simple, plain boxes.

These are just a few of the many advantages of Spanish Fly Pro. But don't just believe us.
Thousands of happy customers cannot be wrong!


The mystery of Spanish Fly Pro is hidden in its formula. Spanish Fly Pro contains an enormous amount of precious ingredients along with strong aphrodisiacs that help to boost sexual desire with just a few drops.

Put a few drops of Spanish Fly Pro into a beverage
  • Shake the bottle and then 5 drops should be enough for everyone - the product is highly concentrated. 5 drops. It's all you need.
Mix it and drink it
  • Spanish Fly Pro has a yellow color and grapefruit taste, but since you need to use only 5 drops, it doesn't change the color or flavor of the drink
Wait a few minutes for the drops to take effect
  • 10 minutes should be enough
  • Help by setting the right mood and atmosphere

Full risk on us! If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of Spanish Fly Pro, we will refund your money.
No tricks, no games. Try it for yourself. If you are not happy, just ask our friendly support team for your money back. It’s as simple as that.


Advertising can be false. Websites can lie. Fake testimonials can be bought. But when you give the product to real people with a lack of interest in sex and then you see them happy and satisfied with the results, you know the product works.

That is what we did. We found 40 couples - some married, some in new relationships – who had all lost their passion in bed. We gave them a bottle of Spanish Fly Pro and asked them to try it and then fill out our questionnaire.

The Results Are Outstanding!


More than 97% of all users that tested Spanish Fly Pro for the first time noticed an increase in their sexual arousal during intercourse.

They mixed only 5 drops of Spanish Fly Pro with a drink and waited a few minutes. They experienced the benefits right after the first try, with no necessary daily dosage.


Almost none of our tested women had experienced an orgasm in their lives, at least not in the last couple of years.

However, almost 93% of these same women achieved an orgasm with the use of Spanish Fly Pro; they also enjoyed the sex much more and even demanded more.

Almost ALL tested couples were satisfied with the results of Spanish Fly Pro. The females arousal level was increased and most of them even achieved orgasm - the thing they could only dream of before.

And, by the way, almost 48% of tested women also noted that they experienced multiple orgasms - all of them for the very first time in their lives.


Will Spanish Fly Pro Work For Me?

Michael Reed
user rating
VERIFIED PURCHASE: 1 Bottle of Spanish Fly Pro Order date: 03/12

The shipping time could be better (it took 5 days to deliver to the Lansing, MI) but it was definitely worth the wait! The product is just perfect for us and I will order again soon.

John A. Hunsaker
user rating
VERIFIED PURCHASE: 3 Bottles of Spanish Fly Pro Order date: 10/10

After our second son was born, we stopped to have sex. It was ok at the beginning, but after some time… you know, it just must be in the relationship. Without it, something is missing. I felt it. My wife did too. So we googled and tried these German Sex Drops or whatever. Huge waste of time and money. We got them for like 60 bucks and then found them on eBay for 3. Really. Then we got your Spanish Fly Pro and it’s a better story. Kids to the grandparents, a few drops of the Pro into a glass of wine and well, we are young again. It’s worth the money.

Deborah K.
user rating
VERIFIED PURCHASE: 1 Bottle of Spanish Fly Pro Order date: 01/22

It looks like most people buy your Spanish Fly Pro only for woman. In our household, we had the opposite problem. I wanted the sex all the time. My husband was always too busy. For all you girls wondering, yes, it works on men too 😉 I would like to thank to professional and very helpful support, mainly to Matthew!

Brian Scott
user rating
VERIFIED PURCHASE: 1 Bottle of Spanish Fly Pro Order date: 11/01

Bought this just to spice things up a little, we had no problems in bed. We use it both. To describe what it does, after you use these spanish fly pro drops you feel more open to doing stuff.. try new things, all is ok, you both feel more relaxed and when it comes to the action, it’s just more intense. like the touches, what you feel down there…

Spanish Fly Pro Money Back
60-day Money-Back Guarantee

Full risk on us! If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of Spanish Fly Pro, we will refund your money.

No tricks, no games. Purchase and try Spanish Fly Pro. If you are not happy, just ask our friendly support team for your money back. It’s as simple as that.


We receive lots of questions about the dosage, safety and even shipping options of Spanish Fly Pro. Here are the most frequently asked.

Does Spanish Fly Pro contain Cantharides or Canitis?

No. Spanish Fly Pro does NOT contain Cantharides, nor Canitis, nor any other form of an extract from the blister beetle. It was an ingredient of the old, legendary Spanish Fly, but since this substance is toxic it is NOT an ingredient of our original Spanish Fly Pro.

What is the full ingredients list of Spanish Fly Pro?

List of the main ingredients used in our Spanish Fly Pro is as follows: Zinc, Maca, Tribulus terrestris, Guarana, Caffeine, Arginine and Panax ginseng. Plus other ingredients: Water, Sucralose, Citric acid, Natural grapefruit flavor, Potassium sorbate and Sodium benzoate.

Can I see the product label of Spanish Fly Pro?

Will you write the name of the product on the package?

No. We will pack your order discreetly, with no brand name or product name visible on the packaging. Nobody will know what you ordered.

Does it also work on men?

Yes, our product is designed to work with the same effects for women and men.

Is Spanish Fly Pro legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy. Spanish Fly Pro is a dietary supplement that meets all the U.S. FDA. requirements.

How can I order Spanish Fly Pro?

Just click here, make your choice, place your order and pay. We will take care of all the rest.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Our customers usually receive their orders within 5 to 7 business days.

What color and taste has the Spanish Fly Pro?

Spanish Fly Pro is yellow and tastes like grapefruit (but it does not change the color or flavor of the drink in which you are mixing it).

Do you offer some kind of money back guarantee?

Yes! Please visit our Guarantee page for more details. We offer you a rock-solid, 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee!

Is Spanish Fly Pro safe to use at any age?

Yes. Spanish Fly Pro has been tested and used by women and men between the ages of 18 to 87 (yes, 87! That is the oldest customer we know of...yet).

What is the recommended dosage & use?

We recommend shaking the bottle well before using, then mixing 5 drops (1mL) of the Spanish Fly Pro with any beverage and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.

If your question is not listed above, please contact our friendly support team.
They are here 24/7, ready to help you!


Join millions of happy Spanish Fly Pro customers and bring the passion back to your life.

  • ✔ Easy To Use & Super-Fast Acting
  • ✔ #1 Libido Enhancer 5 Years Straight
  • ✔ 60-day Money-Back Policy

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other supplement program.