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The #1 Libido Enhancer 5 Years Straight!

A small bottle with legendary effects.
Loved by millions of couples, fully approved by US FDA.
Designed to work for both of you, women and men.

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Real people, real results.

Awards and honors are great, but no one does a better job of saying how well our Spanish Fly Pro works than our customers.

  • Almost 80% of all first-time buyers became loyal, recurring customers.
  • And even though we offer „No-question-ask Money Back Guarantee“ only 1,8% of our customers ask for it.

Thanks to the stories and reviews from our former customers we see a meaning and passion in what we do. We Believe in Spanish Fly Pro.

The shipping time could be better (it took 5 days to deliver to the Lansing, MI), the product is great, will order again soon.

michael reed

The shipping time could be better (it took 5 days to deliver to the Lansing, MI), the product is great, will order again soon.

michael reed

I want to reply to the review below from Mr. Mark Lucas. I think you really didn’t understand what is this product for. I believe it shouldn’t be any magic elixir. It’s not a drug neither. Yes, I wouldn’t say it boost my wife’s libido for 300%, but it makes all the difference we need. Yes, you still need to make the mood and “work for it”, but it’s all different. You see how she enjoys it. You see how she wants it even though she never wants it. And that’s what I love this product for. It makes it all more intense. More real. But yes, not a magic drug you put in a glass and the woman will go crazy.

Samuel Tom

Full risk on us! If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of Spanish Fly Pro, we will refund your money.
No tricks, no games. Just purchase Spanish Fly Pro, wait for the delivery and try it on yourself. If you are not happy, just ask our friendly support team for your money. It’s as simple as that.

Try Pelay risk free / Frequently Asked Questions
Is Fly Pro safe to use in any age?

Yes. Spanish Fly Pro has been tested with and used by women aged between 18 to 87! That is the oldest customer we know yet.

What if I use more than 5 drops?

Don't worry about overdosing. If you use more drops, the effect of the product will be the same or even stronger. No negative side effects were found with overdoses.

Can I use Fly Pro everyday?

Yes. Spanish Fly Pro can be used on a daily basis.

Will you write the name of the product on the package?

No. We will pack your order discreetly, with no brand name or product name visible. Nobody will know what you ordered.

Does it also work on men?

Even though we haven’t tested it on men, many customers write to us telling us about positive results on men too. They claim the results are similar to those regular women experience.

Is it legal to buy?

Yes, Spanish Fly Pro is a dietary supplement that meets all the requirements set out by the FDA. This means it is 100% safe and legal to sell worldwide.

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