Vulvar Pain During Ovulation

Pain on the vulva isn’t unheard of, but it’s rarely a cause for major concern. In fact, most women will experience pain or discomfort at least once during their lifetime. There are many different causes behind it, so duration and intensity vary a lot in different cases. During ovulation, an egg descends through the fallopian […]

The Top Reasons For Painful Sex After Childbirth

Having a baby can be a really traumatic experience both physically and mentally for any woman. Sure, not everyone will experience it in the same way, but we can all agree it’s not the most pleasurable process. Sex after delivery can be painful, and the reasons for painful sex after childbirth are many, but there’s […]

Dyspareunia During Intercourse

Dyspareunia refers to pain during intercourse, and it’s a condition that can affect everyone, both women and men. When suffering from dyspareunia, pain can be felt either on specific areas or over the surface of the sexual organ: vulva or penis. This pain can occur during penetration or thrusting, and women can feel it both […]

Is It Good To Use Vaginal Dilators?

Vaginal dilators have existed for a really long time now, and it’s usually something that you add on to different medical procedures that may affect the shape of a vagina, usually causing tightening. Dilators are a great way to prevent physical complications like scar tissue or vaginal contraction as much as psychological problems related to […]

Dyspareunia – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Pain during sex can be an alarming occurrence, especially if it’s the first time it happens, or you have little experience with sex. People often associate painful intercourse with serious conditions and diseases, but that’s not always the case. Dyspareunia is the term given to painful intercourse, but even if it can feel uncomfortable, and […]

Better Sex After Childbirth: How do you do it?

Sex isn’t the first thing people associate with the actual childbirth and care process. However, the idea of having sex (or having to give it up) after having a kid is inevitable. Unfortunately, childbirth is a complicated and often traumatizing process, and mothers often want nothing to do with it for a while, scaring fathers. […]

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Customer Reviews on best Spanish Fly – Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is loved by thousands of couples from all over the globe. Almost 60% of all first-time buyers became loyal, recurring customers. And even though we offer no-question-ask Money Back Guarantee, only 1,8% of our customers ask for it. We Believe in Spanish Fly Pro. And thanks to the stories and reviews from […]

Just 5 drops to make magic in your sex life

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